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Penguin Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser


During these tough days, we are always reminded to wash our hands and has now become part of our routine so why not make it fun with our Penguin Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser. It can be a fun experience, especially for your kids to remember to wash their hands every day.

Built on advanced motion infrared sensor control technology to accurately detect your hands and provides a sanitary, touchless and easy to use experience without excessive spills. Just hold your hands under the dispenser and the foamy soap comes out. It is suitable for any brand of hand soap 

  • Material: ABS, PP and silicone
  • Size: 4.1 x 4.6 x 6.9in / 10.3 x 11.7 x 17.6cm
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mah lithium battery
  • Bubble Time: 0.26s
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Power Source: USB Charging
  • Charging Time: 4-5 hours
  • Proportion: Ratio of water to other liquids 1/4

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