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Comforting Pet Lamp Humidifier

Animal Shape

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Whether the hot weather is dry or the winter is cold and dry, increase indoor air humidity with our Comforting Pet Lamp Humidifier that will keep you company and keep your skin healthy. It moisturizes and dehydrates the skin to improve dryness and peeling of skin, dry eyes and soar eyes allowing you to work easily and enjoy your day at home.

There are two-stage atomization modes that you can choose from, continuous spray for 8 hours or intermittent spray for 15 hours. The top of the fuselage comes with a USB extension interface that can be connected with an LED light or USB fan. It is not only a humidifier but also serves as a double-color ambient lamp that adds warmth and relaxation to your nights.

Our lamp humidifier may be small in size but it is definitely compact and healthy for your skin and surroundings. 


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