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Flying 3D Bird Wall Decor


Decorate your wall and add some life to a room with our Flying 3D Bird Wall Decor. It makes the perfect decor because you can customize and individually install it to your liking and feel you want to create in the room. It is made of quality resin and you can purchase it in a set or individually. 


Side wings - 4.3x8x7.5in / 11x20x19cm

Slow down wings - 7.3x8x2in / 18.5x20x5cm

Wings up - 3.5x8x7in / 9x20x17.5cm

Speed up wings - 3.7x8x3.3in / 9.5x20x8.5cm

Wings down - 3.1x8x5.1in / 8x20x13cm

Note - Installation requires glass glue and masking glue

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