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Anti-Reflux Orthopedic Cat Bowl


Is your cat having trouble while eating? Do they seem uncomfortable eating from their regular bowl? We have just the bowl that you need to improve their healtheating posture, food digestion and prevent them from getting pains from vomitingonce they reach old age. To keep it simple, our extra special Anti-Reflux Cat Bowl has your cat's well-being top of mind. You will instantly see improvements in their health by just changing the way they eat. 

Our cat bowl is BPA free and made from non-toxic materials making it safe for your cats. You can choose from a single bowl or double bowl, both include a tilted stand. You don't have to worry about it being messy while they eat because the stand and bowl are non-slip and tip-proof so everything is guaranteed to stay as is. The bowl also has a little neck on the bottom that fits right into the stand so it won't move or twist around once it is assembled together. After they eat, you can simply disassemble it and rinse it with a little warm soapy water to get it ready for their next feeding time.

What are you waiting for? If you want to give something extra special for your beloved cat, this is it! 

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