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Hands-Free Hairdryer Bracket



Are you wasting too much of your time and energy drying your pet’s hair? Well, this hands-free and wrap around hairdryer bracket can help you save both your precious time and energy. This useful tool can be used by both pet owners or business owners of pet care or grooming shops.

All you have to do is wrap it around your shoulder or neck and place the hairdryer accordingly and you caneasily and quickly dry your pet's hair without holding the hairdryer itself whichhelps save time and energy. It is made of good quality and flexible steel, shrink hose and anti-skid cotton so you can conveniently adjust it however you want and to the direction needed which makes it all aroundflexible, strong and stable.


Step 1: Wrap the hairdryer with one end of the bracket and adjust accordingly


Step 2: Hang it around the neck and wear it across the chest.


Step 3: Adjust however it is comfortable for you

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