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Every Dog's Favorite Soothing Bed


While we invest in a comfortable bed for ourselves, we must also do the same for our dogs because they deserve to live a relaxed, comfortable and stress-free life as much as we do. Don't you agree? That's why we created every dogs' favorite soothing bed.

This bed is like no other because it serves as a proven natural remedy that reduces all kinds of stress they feel, whether it be separation, loneliness, and the effects of their natural surroundings. It gives a feeling of safety, comfort and relaxation for your best friend.

The bed is round with raised rims that give them a sense of protection which keeps them calm and eases anxiety. The raised rims also provide support for your dog's neck and spine while they are bundled up in bed and this is made possible with the premium PP Cotton foam filling that avoids the bed from deforming thus eases pain and corrects their posture. 

The bed is made of long plush material that makes it feel like your pet is sleeping on a cloud. The bottom of the cushion is anti-slip to keep it in place.

The best part for you, as the owner is the bed can be machine washed or hand washed to eliminate odors and loose hair. 


Available in different sizes fit for your pet:


  • XS: diameter  40cm fit for pet less than 2KG
  • S: diameter  50cm fit for pet less than 4KG
  • M: diameter  60cm fit for pet less than 7.5KG
  • L: diameter  70cm  fit for pet less than 15KG
  • XL: diameter  80cm  fit for pet less than 18KG
  • 2XL: diameter 90cm fit for pet less than 20KG



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